Postdoctoral fellows

Thanks to its interdisciplinary environment and world-class research labs and facilities, EMBL provides the ideal environment for postdoctoral fellows to reach professional maturity. This is documented in the very high success rate of former EMBL postdocs to obtain an independent research position.

Postdoctoral fellows of the Beck Laboratory have successfully applied for funding from the following sources: Marie Curie Actions, European Molecular Biology Organization, Alexander von Humboldt Foundation and Swiss National Funds. An alternative funding opportunity is provided by the EMBL's Interdisciplinary Postdocs (EIPOD) initiative. Fellowships are awarded for three years and are flexible to be combined with other funding schemes. Candidates can apply to available projects or submit a self-designed research plan. The outlined research has to be collaborative between at least two EMBL laboratories and must aim to provide interdisciplinary training. If you consider applying please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

PhD Students

PhD candidates have to apply directly to EMBL's International PhD Programme. Please contact us to inquire if the Beck Laboratory will hire students in the upcoming selection.


We occasionally accept BS and MS students or trainees for research projects of at least three month (preferably 6 - 12 month). Please contact us to inquire.